How To Write Great Domain Sales Copy

You’ve registered and acquired domain names for years, and now you decided it’s time to achieve some sales.

Perhaps because your portfolio has grown fatter than Elvis in his late years, or simply to get some good money back in your pocket.

You’ve listed some of your top domains on active web sites: domain forums, auction venues, classifieds, eBay – anything that allows you to write a description alongside the bare-bones domain.

A week later, your sales listings are frozen, stuck, dead.

What are you doing wrong?

As with every consumer product and service in life, it’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it.

Creating an engaging description – or “copy” – for your domain names is essential, if you want to get buyers swarm in like bees to chunky pollen.

Here are a few simple and effective guidelines on how to write awesome copy for your domain sales listings.

The Domain Sale Title

The Introduction

Detailed Domain Information

Your Pricing Terms

If you are flexible about the asking price or financing options, make that clear to the potential buyers. Emphasize the domain’s value, include the price or range, and offer additional options:

All these metrics indicate that in today’s strong domain market, the established value would be at least $25,000 dollars.

I’m willing to accept a payment plan for the next 6 months, and to offer assistance for the database installation if needed.

For buyers using I will gladly split the transaction fees. There is a Buy Now price, and I invite everyone to utilize this option. For any questions on this exciting opportunity to acquire, please contact me directly.

With these guidelines on how to write engaging domain sales copy for venues, your listings will hopefully receive more attention, clicks and subsequent sales. In a future article, we’ll cover how to write an effective sales pitch email to potential buyers of your domains.


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