Sell More Domains By Posting BuyNow Prices

Sell More Domains By Posting BuyNow Prices

Sell More Domains By Posting BuyNow Prices

Are you happy with the number and rate of sales in your domain portfolio? BuyNow pricing may be the key to increasing sales.

If your domains do not have BuyNow prices, try assigning BuyNow prices. Domains with a Buy Now price are more likely to sell. Study after study confirms that Buy Now pricing translates into more sales.

Of course, for traffic domains, it also helps to have “fair” Buy Now prices based on the latest stats. Buyers are likely to ask for those stats.

They want reassurance of getting a fair ROI. In fact, being able to back your asking price with trustworthy statistics will likely increase the amount a buyer is willing to pay. Giving them peace of mind in terms of their potential ROI goes a long way in negotiation.

If you wished that you could sell more domains name, but just do not have time to individually price them, try our bulk BuyNow Price-setting tool. It calculates fair BuyNow prices based on your multiple applied to each domain’s traffic and revenue stats pulled from your Above AutoPilot account. This tool was designed to save time and help you sell more domains.

For brandable domains with no traffic, we have a bulk tool in our Portfolio Manager “Sell Domains” page that can save time by allowing you to assign a flat BuyNow price to groupings of domains.

To price premium domains, check DNJournal YTD Sales chart for the latest prices for similar domains.

Posting a BuyNow price will also save you time from dealing with all those extremely lowball offers. Buyers that see your BuyNow price will hopefully click to buy it and avoid uncomfortable negotiations.

Or they will either pass completely on making a lowball offer, or will start with a more reasonable offer.

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