Google Analytics starter guide for business

The Google Analytics Starter Guide for Business

Google Analytics can help you measure all kinds of customer interactions—some you might find quite surprising. Knowing this information can be integral to the growth and success of your business over time. But where do you look for it?

Having an online business can be an incredibly lean and efficient way to operate. But do you know the kind of traffic you’re getting, or how long people stay on a page?

This guide will show you how to use Analytics to find the most integral information about your business in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Set Up Google Analytics

Start off by making sure your site is connected to Google Analytics.

There are several ways to get Google Analytics working on your site. It depends on your site’s set-up, and Google has a fairly comprehensive guide on how to do this. There are also videos that break it down for you if you need them.

Where to Look First: Acquisition and Behavior

Arguably, the most important information can be found under acquisition (where your traffic came from) and behavior (what the traffic did when it arrived), so these are a good place to start.

Google Analytics starter guide for business


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