Cryptocurrency Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

Despite the fact that major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become household names throughout the world, many companies and aspiring entrepreneurs are still giving these digital tokens the cold shoulder for no good reason.

Over the past few years is that younger consumers everywhere have been gravitating towards cryptocurrencies in ever-greater numbers. There are plenty of reasons to believe that millennials love cryptocurrencies, for instance, which means that businesses trying to tap into today’s largest consumer demographic can turn serious profits by embracing digital tokens like Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, some insightful entrepreneurs have been taking to social media to demonstrate that their business accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment precisely because such a campaign is a great way to drum up some niche business.

This isn’t some small fad infecting mom and pop shops that are trying to establish a brand name for themselves, either; even huge corporations are beginning to enter the cryptocurrency market because they see so much promise in these tokens. Companies like Subway, PayPal, Microsoft, and many others have already started to accept cryptocurrencies in one form or another because they’re fans of scooping up as much consumer cash as possible while making things easier for shoppers when it comes to payment.

Now that it’s indisputable that cryptocurrencies have become a defining force in the market, especially easy to use due to trading platforms like Beli BTC that allow their use in all sorts of small business transaction. However, it’s worthwhile to retrofit your marketing efforts to incorporate these interesting tokens into your ad campaigns. 

Here are some clever strategies that you can tap into to use cryptocurrencies in your marketing efforts, and what you’ll need to know about the underlying technology to succeed in your efforts.

What to know about cryptocurrency marketing

The first tip to success in marketing with cryptocurrencies is to loudly and proudly proclaim what you’re doing for all to hear. It’s not enough that your business is simply accepting cryptocurrencies – you need to make that fact obvious for everyone, especially those in the cryptocurrency community, so that they’re likely to flock to your doors ready to spend their digital dollars. You should take to social media platforms in particular to announce this news, as virtually all of the news surrounding cryptocurrency is spread online. Major platforms like Facebook are beginning to lessen the amount of restrictions surrounding cryptocurrency advertisements, too, so users on those channels are likely going to be more receptive to your own campaign now than ever before.

Another step you need to take is differentiating yourself from the competition; if others in your industry haven’t yet embraced cryptocurrencies, make sure your customers know that you’re on the cutting-edge of innovation while others in your sector are hesitant to embrace change. Customers love innovative companies that embrace thrilling new ways to do business, and advertising that you’re the only local business to accept these digital tokens is a great way to separate and elevate your brand from the rest of the noise in the marketplace.

You shouldn’t make your ad campaign surrounding your acceptance of cryptocurrency into an affair that exclusively takes place on social media, however. Traditional media outlets and strategies can still drum up a buzz for your business, so it’s worthwhile to consider drafting a formal press release to announce that you’re now accepting popular tokens like Bitcoin or Litecoin. 

Don’t forget your physical real estate, either.

While you’re spending all day advertising your business online and talking to the media, it’s worth remembering that you have some physical real estate to take advantage of, too. Stickers and posters should be going up in your store to remind customers that you accept cryptocurrencies, and the area around your payment kiosk should be particularly inundated with that news.

Don’t be afraid to embrace local ad campaigns that feature your business accepting cryptocurrencies on local real estate. Local cryptocurrency enthusiasts would likely be thrilled to patronize a nearby business that’s also embraced their preferred form of secure payment.

Finally, keep an ear close to the ground on all breaking news surrounding cryptocurrencies, as the sudden tanking of a token’s value or a disruptive advance in blockchain technology could temporarily upend your new method of payment. Make it clear for everyone that your company accepts cryptocurrencies, and your marketing efforts will see new levels of success in no time.


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