Get business Legal Forms for your company

Get business Legal Forms for your company

Running a business can be a difficult and complicated enterprise, particularly if you are not on top of all the proper legal filings, contracts, and forms that must be properly executed to retain your legal status. In fact, when it comes to legal forms, the category of “business” is one of the most highly-varied.

That’s why a high number of legal forms are routinely used on a regular basis in the business world – these forms range from joint venture agreements and business plans to royalty agreements and work orders.
Determining which legal forms best apply to your business comes from a combination of both experience and knowledge.

However, many of the answers below deal with specific legal forms that may apply to your specific business situation.

One of the most important roles of a business owner is to adequately and accurately document the business’s transactions, assets and obligations – our business forms are designed to do just that.
A successful business requires not only a great product, a good team and publicity, it also needs the stability granted by thoughtful and high-quality business and legal documents.
Attorney-prepared business forms are designed for use in a multitude of business situations, and are crafted to include flexibility (almost all business situations include some degree of uniqueness) and a throughness to help you avoid future headaches.

What kinds of forms help me manage my business’ finances?

Using the right forms for your finances means applying the correct forms to the right transactions. For some assistance with that, you can review some of the most important financial forms right here:
Invoices: An itemized statement of all products/services rendered along with a bill for payment typically sent to a client. These are usually presented by service-based businesses along with a description of the services that have already been rendered.
Credit Memo: Issuing credit to a customer or client will require that a credit memo be used; you’ll want to make sure to keep a copy for your own records, as well as verification of when the credit memo was sent.
Notices: Ranging from Notices of Dishonored Checks to Notices of Past Due Payment, there might be a wide range of reasons your business might need to use a notice – but it’s important to find the notice best tailored to your situation.
Payroll: Various Payroll forms need to be used to keep an accurate record of everything that is being paid to your employees. Time Sheets and Annual Payroll Summaries are often included in Payroll form kits.
There is more to running a business, of course, but these basic finance forms should help you understand what kind of forms you or an employee might be expected to use on a regular basis.

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