What are the benefits of a Country-Specific Domain

Maximize the Benefits of a Country-Specific Domain


Want to create a buzz with a country-specific domain name?

These domains, like .UK for the United Kingdom or .IT for Italy, are commonly known as Country Code Top Level Domain, or ccTLD for short. They can be great to help localize your site traffic and boost your search engine results. But if you decide to go this route, there are several issues you’ll need to consider. In order for search engines to send your website more organic search traffic, they need to understand your website and your business.

Give them all the information and indicators that your website is located in a certain country and the search engines will reward you for it.

Let’s take a look at how you can help out search engines and optimize your site traffic with ccTLDs.

Alternate Domain Names

First of all, you need to decide what your primary domain name is going to be.

It might be a good idea, for example, to register both the .CO.UK and .UK domain names for your company and forwarding one to the other with a 301 Permanent Redirect. To protect your brand and company name, you might also want to register other domains, such as .COM. If you expand your business or offer your products or services in the United States or other countries, you might want to use .COM for your main website. You can still use the individual ccTLD domain names in each country, but it’s easier to own the domain name now than to try to acquire it later.

When you use a ccTLD for your website, the domain name isn’t enough for search engines to know that your website and business is located in a certain country.

Some ccTLDs are used because the abbreviation is shorthand for something else. For example, some .IT domain names marketed in the United States are often used simply because owners of the domain name thought it was clever to use “it” at the end of the domain name. They likely had no plans to market the website in Italy, the country to which that ccTLD is assigned. However, if you are a business using a ccTLD as they were designed, you’ll need to specify with search engines that you’re doing business in the country referred to in your domain.

Choose the Right Hosting Provider

Typically, the best option is to host your website in your own country. The search engines are aware of IP addresses, and hosting your website on an IP address in your home country tells the search engines that you’re really located there.

What are the benefits of a Country-Specific Domain

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